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Surface Form


This project of eight playtypes investigated textile creation focusing on sustainability as well as form. The only new material purchased was a small sheet of blue felt, the rest was sourced from scraps and stashs of myself and friends. Each material was logged and tracked along with the resources used in the making of the playtypes. By incorporating the log sheets into my practice I became more aware of my impact on the environment and sought to improve my making methods. 

The playtype forms took inspiration from tesselations and modular design. I had intended to try 3D printing, however, due to the 2020 lockdown in Melbourne, I had to adapt my project to the loss of access to the studios. By coating yarn and thread in PVA glue and wrapping it around pins I was able to simulate filament printing. The lockdown also impacted my theme and palette. Yearning for travel, I pulled colours from photos taken on a trip to Portmeirion in Wales. 

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