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Garnish: Transposable Flora


What is the future of embellishment in a circular fashion system?

Garnish: Transposable Flora is a textile sculpture which seeks to answer this question by exploring how embellishment can be adapted and evolved. The life span of ornament in fashion is currently determined by the material durability and style longevity of the garment it is fixed to. When disposed of, the non-biodegradable materials of the embellishment itself pollute the environment as they break down. Through the separation of ornament from a singular item of clothing into its own self-contained piece, Garnish allows a wearer to transform multiple garments over its life time. Moving the sculpture across their wardrobe, lending it out and potentially passing it on to a new owner.

The twisting and turning felt finger lime silhouettes are laser cut and fixed in their poses with compostable gelatin glue. They are punctuated with knit and laser cut leaves arranged in tendrils which reach beyond the foliage to a hand cut filigree edge. This wandering garden scape is stitched and glued to a felt base in a crescent shape, maximising potential placements on the body.

Garnish’s dyes are derived from beetroots, blueberries, butterfly pea flower and spirulina algae, using only salt and vinegar as mordants, these have been applied to minimally processed wool and cotton materials.  The soft colours set a calming mood and capture the transient skies over the Dandenong Ranges. While the use of non-toxic materials allows for a safe return of nutrients to the earth through composting when the end of life has been reached.

Theme and Palette

Throughout Melbourne’s extended lockdowns in 2020, my relationship to the city changed as interaction with it became restricted. I formed new habits around a growing balcony garden and throwing open windows for light and fresh air. This introduced the Dandenong Ranges and dramatic skies as a new roommate I actively checked in on each day. The calming experience of watching the fluctuation of colours over the ranges and caring for my plants is the basis for Garnish.


I looked to the skies for my palette of soft creams, pale blues and greens, punctuated with pops of pink and vibrant oranges and my own finger lime plants for motifs.

Foliage theme 2.jpg
Food Dyes

Fully Home Compostable

Blueberries • Beetroot • Spirulina Algae • Butterfly Pea Flower • Diluted Salt or Vinegar Bath Mordant



Wool • Cotton • Gelatin Glue


Component Building


Machine Knitting • Hand Knitting • Needle Felting • Laser Cutting • Hand Cutting • Gluing • Molding

Hand Stitching • Gluing: Attaching Components • Gluing: Fixing Component Poses • Hand Cutting

Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 9.35.31 PM.png

Artifact and Supportive Pieces

Playtype 1 Modular • Playtype 2 Negative Space and Texture • Playtype 3 Dimension

Playtype 4 Textural Repetition • Playtype 5 Laser Lace • Playtype 6 Dimensional Texture

Playtype 7 Tape Trim

Madeleine Northey Garnish 1.jpg
Madeleine Northey Garnish 2.jpg
Madeleine Northey Garnish 4.jpg
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