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Transforming Textiles 

Augmentation using interactive locking loops


Using both physical 3D printing and digital simulations, this project investigates the potential for 3D printed warp knit rows to be modified for joining textiles and embellishment. 

Previous work exploring 3D printed knit has established that rows of PLA loops can be fitted together to form a textile. PLA provides the flexibility required to snap one loop into another while also being firm enough to stay in place. The modifications of longer, curved loops allows for solid objects to be joined together with a double sided connector row. Unlike pre-existing printed textiles, this modular version does not require complete disassembly to remove one section. The tiles can be arranged in customised configurations and worn as embellishment or hung on a wall.

Additionally, the connectors can be incorporated into traditional textiles to act as a closure or to attach embellishment. With woven they can be stitched into place, for knitwear they can either be pushed through the stitches or incorporated into the construction of the textile itself as the loop can be knit into.

Tiles picture 2.jpg
Connector use 1_edited.jpg
Connector use 2_edited.jpg
Digital Studio
sweater picture 4.png

Working in a digital space enables trials and adjustments of the tiles and connectors without the wait time of 3D printing. Blender has been used to build the embellishment and Polycam to scan the sweater vest.

I found having an accurate textile base extremly helpful. While contemplating how the tiles would stay in place, I was able to work off the visual and texture references point of the real object. Which lead to the realisation that the loops can be pushed between the stitches of larger knits. 

AR demonstration of the virtual studio space I have been working within and visualistion of concept.

IMG_0104 copy.jpg

AR wall tile demonstrates the function of the modular pieces as well as previews potential placement.  Viewers can move around the virtual object to examine the tiles and linking components.

polycam (1).gif
sweater 2_edited_edited.jpg
IMG_6865 copy_edited_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-05-20 at 6.32_edited.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 8_edited_edited.jpg
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